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Bastien Alvarez

Circus Artist

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My name is Bastien Alvarez and I grew up in a cultural mix of Spanish and Swiss vibes. Those giant cultural differences allowed me to acknowledge really young the importance of our background, and that every person has their own truth.
I decided to explore this idea further and started a “social worker” study career. This knowledge influenced me a lot and is still fully present in my work. It's at that time that I discovered circus and it really became my reason to wake up in the morning ! Not only I can use tools such as technical skills, physical movement, theatre, singing and music, but I can also express all the questions, that I discovered at the time.
Since then, I developed my creative skills and studied at the Academy of Circus Arts and Performance Arts (ACAPA/NL). I graduated in June 2021 and since then I'm involved in several projects as interepret, creator and researcher. 
I'm a really curious human being and I'm excited to discover as many diferent projects as possible !

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